Hello ONTREE Fans, we will start June 1st with our 2020 season. Please be advised that we will have public health orders in place. For more information send us an e-mail or give us a call. We are happy to see you in the trees. Best regards your Ontree Team

Any safety advice ?

  • Take off all jewelry and watches.
  • Do not wear open shoes, slippers or flip-flops.
  • Safely tie up long hair.
  • Please drink enough on warm days especially in the climbing breaks.


Is there a weight and height limit? 

  • There is no weight limitation, we are only limited by the size of our harness (120 cm circumference or 47 inches).
  • Reaching  height for 8+ courses must be 160cm (63 inches) while flat footed. 


Do all visitors have to pay admission?

  • Visitors who are only viewing are welcome in the OnTree park with no admission. Only those who climb have to pay.


Do groups have to book in advance?

  • Groups larger than 10 participants have to book early in advance by phone or via our booking form on the website.
  • On weekends, it is best to arrive early in the morning!


How many children can I, as an adult, accompany in the courses?

  • For security reasons, an adult can only accompany 2 children if they are in the age group of 8 – 12 years.
  • If the children have the reaching height of 160 cm (63”) and they are 13 years and older, they can climb on their own.
  • Children without a reaching height of 160 cm ( 63” ) are limited to the children course “Junior Jungle”
    (Reaching height means a height at which a child could safely and comfortably reach up and grab a rope).
  • However, you have the option to book one of our trainers as a supervisor for more children. A phone booking is advised, because our staff could be preoccupied.


 Q Is the use of the OnTree Fun & Adventure Park safe?

  • Safety is our most important value. The OnTree Fun & Adventure Park meets the safety & technical standards set forth by the Government of Nova Scotia. We provide the best and most advanced safety equipment while our certified supervisors offer their assistance.